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Yanmar's SV08-1AS Conventional Swing Excavator

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Here’s the shape for simple and efficient work in confined spaces. The SV08-1AS is a tenacious worker for narrow spots such as housing foundations, indoor renovation, pipe laying and landscaping

A whole new class of slim and compact convenience

Ultra-small rear turning radius
The supremely compact body keeps rear overhang to just 305 mm during turning at maximum width, bringing even better turning performance in narrow passages. Compact dimensions
> Front swing radius with boom swing: 900 mm
> Short rear swing radius: 725 mm

Variable undercarriage in width
The SV08-1AS adapts itself according to the space available, due to its variable width from 680 to 840 mm.

Simple folding extendable blade
> Extensions are permanently on the blade
> No tools are necessary to install or uninstall them
> No risk to lose the blade extensions

Working equipment
> Dual-action auxiliary circuit (PTO) to add various accessories (swiveling ditch cleaning buckets…)
> Pedal lock for use with manual hydraulic tools
> Cylinder protection on boom.
> Perfect protection of the flexible hoses and pipes on the arm and the bucket cylinders

New generation of Yanmar TE engine, even more environmentally friendly and quieter
> Fully compliant with European environment standard 97/68/EC and Stage II emissions regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
> Low speed – increased life
> High capacity air filter
> Heavy duty battery
> Quieter

Track rollers
> Double lateral roller supports: less track wear and better stability
> External flange which reduces the vibration during travelling

Comfort and Safety
The many easy to use features include the comfortable seat with retractable seat belt, sensitive lever controls, a footrest, and uncomplicated lever arrangement

Ergonomic operating position
> Separate pedals for the 3rd circuit (PTO) and boom swing
> Both pedals can be folded sideways to offer more space for the operator’s feet
> Complete monitor with safety alarm
> Access to operating position on both sides

Standard ROPS protective frame
> Roll Over Protective Structure with safety belt
> Can be folded rearwards, allowing the machine to travel under low overhead heights
> Easier maintenance and control due to a large steel bonnet opening

Safety for the operator
> Hook on the boom to lift the machine from one point only
> Safety lever to lock the 4 main functions of the machine and access to operating position
> Safety bar on the front part of the machine
> Counterweight to protect the rear of the machine

Strong protective devices
> Centralized routing of flexible hoses to eliminate twisting problems
> Flexible hoses protected by external covers
> Hydraulic hoses to the swing motors protected by steel covers
> Hydraulic hoses are housed under the cylinders for protection from accidental damage
> The blade hydraulic cylinder is covered by a protective shield


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Yanmar SV08-1AS Specification Sheet