Yanmar C08 Hi Tip Tracked Dumper

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Yanmar's C08 Hi Tip Tracked Dumper

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OPERATING WEIGHT                   670 kg [standard]770 kg [with self loading]
TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS        2151 x 810 x 1336 mm 2820 x 835 x 1336 mm [with self-loading]
PAYLOAD                                             800 kg
DUMP VESSEL CAPACITY          0.28 / 0.36 m³ [struck / heaped]
DUMPING MECHANISM              1 side
TRAVELLING SPEED                    4 km/h

+ 2 different versions for all types of applications : HI TIP, HI TIP+
+ High performance for demolition, renovation, agriculture and landscaping.
+ Rubber crawlers do not damage the asphalt and offer an excellent adhesion on soft grounds.
+ Undercarriage equipped with track rollers with pendular supports to compensate for different ground levels.

+ The Yanmar C08 is ideal for use on all types of ground and offers versatility and productivity.
+ The size of the C08 allows it to work in extremely confined spaces, in which its width (810 mm for the standard version and 835 mm with self-loader) is a true asset.
+ It has an extremely solid track-mounted lower chassis and can climb steps or work on lose ground or in the snow.

+ Important vessel capacity :
– 0,36 m³ heaped (HI TIP, HI TIP+ versions)
+ The Hi Tip models have an unloading height of up to 1500 mm, and can tip their loads into most types of skip, passing over fences and garden walls and onto raised work areas.
+ The specific form of the oscillating rollers facilitates the passage of the machines over rough terrain, while keeping the load stable in the skip.
+ The C08 payload is 800 kg, which allows to cover a majority of works. It is designed for removing building materials and waste from worksites, and is equally suited to all kinds of materials transport.

The C08, accessible from either side, is very simple to use: the quick and easy start in every weather conditions and the precise and intuitive control levers improve the comfort of the operator. The C08 offers convenient and precise travelling due to the hydrostatic transmission system and the vibrations felt by the operator are minimised. These features reduce the operator fatigue after one working day.

The C08 has a Yanmar diesel engine installed so as to minimise the vibrations felt by the operator, and equipped with an excellent hydrostatic transmission system with variable-flow injection pumps. This system provides the specific combination of speed and power that operators are looking for. The hydraulic systems of the skip and the self-loader are separated, so that their functionalities can be used while on the move.

Daily checks are facilitated through easy access to the maintenance points. The large engine hood opening, allowing optimum access to the main engine components and to the daily control points (water, engine oil, filters…) are positioned to facilitate the
maintenance operations. Moreover, the dashboard is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. It offers the operator rapid familiarisation and maximum safety on the worksite.

The C08 has a protected, ergonomic and functional command board equipped with hour meter, starter key and horn to maximise the operator safety on job sites. It is also equipped with a lockable parking break lever and a dual filter system protecting the engine in order to work in hard conditions.

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