Portal Support


If you receive any errors that looks similar to the above message, could you please double check the browser you are using we tend to recommend Google Chrome as the best browser to access our portal but if you’ve attempted to use chrome and you get the same issue our next recommendation is to clear your Cache and Cookies from your browser

Sometimes this can be caused by Firewalls that could be set up by your company’s IT Department sometimes you may need to contact them to let them know that this is a link you need to access

If you’ve tried all this and you still can’t get access, could you contact the following email address Support@phs-group.co.uk or contact our Pontypridd depot and they will forward you to the best place to help you out

– Incorrect Password – Forgotten username –

Any Querys regarding forgotten passwords/usernames please could you contact  Helen@phs-group.co.uk

and a new password or a username reminder can be provided

 If you have any other questions you would like answered regarding our customer portal please contact us on the following email address and we will get back to you as quick as possible Helen@phs-group.co.uk