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Industry Leading Diamond Blades

When cutting hard and abrasive material, getting the right diamond blade is important. Diamond is one or even the hardest metal, making it ideal to cut through the toughest of materials. 

Diamond Blades

Phoenix is pleased to be Duro’s number one stockist and preferred supplier in Wales, using only the highest quality raw materials – designed and specified by DURO; their products set the benchmark in the construction industry. 

With a choice of over 30 different blade types to cut multiple applications; civil engineering, universal concrete, construction materials, and much much more. Getting the right blade that meets the needs of your job is key – below are the industry-leading product features across the range.

  • Continuous Turbo Rim – The castellation of the rim gives less chipping than segmented blades and faster cutting. Debris cleared quicker, and the blade kept cool by trapping air in motion. 
  • Turbo Segmented – Similar to continuous turbo rims. Castellation of segment results in less chipping of material / faster cutting. Debris cleared quicker/blade was kept cooler. 
  • Deep Draft Segments – Give the diamond blade undercut protection, whilst cutting in abrasive materials such as asphalt/abrasive stone.
  • Inclined Wedge Segment – Give the blade undercut protection, whilst cutting in abrasive materials such as asphalt or abrasive stone.
  • Conical Segments – Lower vibration due to consistent gap between segments. Increase in product life due to greater size of the segment and decrease in noise due to less air distortion in motion. 
  • Micro Segments – 25mm micro-segments reduce contact area with material and increase cutting speed. An increased number of gullets improves the clearance of debris and, extends the life of the blade. 
  • Narrow Gullets – Less chipping of material and a slight reduction in vibration 
  • Keyhole Gullets – Similar to narrow gullets, key-hole gules result in less chipping of material being cut and a reduction in vibration levels. 
  • Wide gullets -Clear debris faster when cutting through abrasive materials
  • 30-Degree Gullets – In line, 30-degree gullets help clear debris faster, which improves life as a result.
  • Reinforced Flange -It gives more stability under extreme use and keeps the steel core in line – leaving a cleaner and straighter cut.
  • Cooling Holes – Prevent distortion and overheating of the core. Keeping the diamond matrix cool in segments improves speed and life. 

Get market-leading performance blades; for more information contact your local depot!